A mosque at a Black Sea hamlet.


National Geographic has identified ISTANBUL as One of the "Top Ten Cities in the World"!


"Veni... Vidi...Vici..." is what Julius Caesar said when he came to Asia Minor in the first century: "I came, I saw, I conquered". You come to Turkey... You see Turkey... and you are overwhelmed by the splendor that you find in Turkey!

Present day Turkey, encompassing Asia Minor (or Anatolia) and part of Thrace, forms a special bridge between Asia and Europe, but is neither Asia nor Europe although it includes both! The Europeans have already found that Turkey is a favorite vacation choice; the Americans are also making that discovery now.

If You Are Drawn To Any One Of The Following Attractions, Turkey Is The Ideal Destination For You This Season:

* Natural beauties of the land and the coasts, hospitable and friendly people, a booming free-market economy, excellent shopping opportunities, exceptionally good food, important remnants of pre-historic, Jewish, Christian and Moslem heritage, a rich history, and artifacts of many civilizations from throughout the ages.

* Turkey offers many kingdoms of different peoples who had their capital cities there, such as the the Hittites in Hattusas, Phrygians in Gordium, Lydians in Sardes, Urartus in Van, Seljuks in Konya, East Romans (Byzantines) in Byzantium (Constantinople), Ottomans in Istanbul, and finally the Turkish Republic in Ankara.

* When Anthony wanted to impress Cleopatra, he took her to the spectacular coast near Antalya, called the "Turquoise Coast".

* Istanbul, the only city in the world built on two continents, is at the top of the list of the most beautiful and "must see" cities on this planet.

* Ephesus is generally thought, by most travelers, to be the "high point" of any tour of the world!

* The Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia and the "cotton cliffs" of Pamukkale are natural wonders to see.

* Many of the places and people that you have read about are actually located in (or were from) Turkey, such as Troy of the Iliad, Gordium of the famous "Gordian Knot" (and where King Midas with the "golden touch" lived), Sardes of the wealthy King Croesus, St. Paul of Tarsus, St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) from Demre near Antalya, and Noah's Arc on Mt. Ararat. The house of The Virgin Mary, where she spent her last years, is also there.

With Our Tours, You Could Do Any Or All Of These:

* Swim in thermal baths of Bursa, the Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey, where Anthony and Cleopatra once swam in the moonlight;

* Eat what might be the best "Kebap" in the world, try some of the best Baklava and Turkish Delights;

* Climb up to see the "breathtaking" view of Termessos, the only citadel not conquered by Alexander the Great in his march through Asia Minor;

* Experience surprises (depending on the availability of events) such as pottery and carpet making demonstrations, cooking classes, Ottoman military music by the Janissary Band that once influenced Mozart and inspired the military bands of other countries. See virtually the most interesting museums and the best palaces found on the face of the earth.

Have a very plesant and enjoyable tour with

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